A future of self-driving cars
    Source: Business Bees Team

Many of us have seen such movies as Total Recall, which show cars that are driven by robots. This idea seemed too futuristic to many when they were shown, but this is becoming closer to reality as car manufacturers and tech giants are working feverishly to make the first self-driving cars to hit the market. 

It is believed that by the year 2018 these cars will be a reality. There are several car manufacturers that are working on the technology for the self-driving car. This includes Merced Benz and Ford Motor Company. Google is also looking to get in on the act, working to build a self-driving car. 

Because of the advance mapping services that Google has to offer, they seem to be the perfect partner for many companies to get involved with. Google Street Maps has detailed maps of virtually every area of the country, allowing it to have the advantage of the logistical maps to make the driving technology work correctly. 

Many of the leading car manufacturers have reached out to Google, and it is likely that they will play a role in this technology, no matter whether their technology is used in one make or model of car or several. Google seems to have a clear leg up on other tech giants and so it looks like they will be a bigger player when this innovation finally hits the road.

Google’s technology has already been tested out on the open road and has been proven to be reliable when it comes to the cars ability to adjust to roads and maps. The cars have also shown a great ability to adjust to hazardous road conditions or heavy traffic, even making sudden stops when needed.

For those who are thinking that this innovation will never be used, think again. Several states, including California, are already enacting legislation in anticipation of these cars being ready to be used. One of the most commonly passed laws is that a licensed driver must still be behind the wheel of the car, even when it is in self-driving mode. This is to ensure that if something should go wrong then the driver can take control of the vehicle.

The self-driving car is close to coming to fruition. It will not be long when you see the driver next to you reading a paper or texting and you will not cringe thinking a major accident is about to occur. Actually, the roads may just get a whole lot safer. 

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