Here`s What You Can Expect From The Division During the Year
March 7, 2016, 3:41 pm

The Division is finally out on Tuesday. Well, unless you`re living in the United Arab Emirates that`s had it for the better part of last week. And like with any respectable open-world online-only game, Ubisoft has explained how it plans to keep The Division fresh months after it is out.

Aside from daily and weekly events which are common to most online affairs, Mike Reparaz, Editor at Ubisoft outlined everything else you can expect.

"Two free updates, available to all players, will hit in the months following launch. Beginning in April, the Incursions update will add an endgame activity designed for squad play, challenging teams of four players to face nigh-unstoppable enemies for high-level loot," his post reads. "Also coming with the Incursions update is loot trading. Players in the same squad will be able to trade loot that`s collected during their co-op game session. The Conflict update will follow in May, adding new Dark Zone feature and an incursion into New York`s Columbus Circle."

While it`s nice to see a slew of free content, there`s also information on what those who have ponied up for the Gold or Collector`s Edition of the game will receive.

"Three paid expansions are also planned throughout the year, and will be available to players with a Season Pass or to those who buy the Gold or Collector`s Edition of the game. In June, the Underground expansion will send you to hunt enemies in the vast mazes of tunnels and subways that run under Manhattan. Underground will be followed by Survival later in the summer, which will challenge you to survive for as long as possible in a very hostile environment while gathering supplies and equipment. Finally, Last Stand will arrive along with winter, challenging players with a new, relentless threat."

It`s commendable for Ubisoft to actually inform its fans what they`re signing up for, something we wish Destiny would have done. Nonetheless, it appears that there`s little in the way of story-based content post-release, something solo players might want to be aware of.


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