New Car Models for 2016-2017
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Whether you are looking for a stylish new luxury car or a rugged off-road vehicle, 2016-2017 promises some amazing new car models that will fit the tastes of any person. There are spectacular new designs and innovations that come with many of these new models, bringing greater anticipation as the driverless car models are coming closer to reality.

Here are some models most will find quite appealing to the eye.

Subaru Impreza

Introduced at the New York International Auto Show, this is the fifth generation of the model, and includes Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system as part of the standard package. This model is over an inch longer and wider than previous models yet has a much sleeker look thanks to the reducing of the height of the vehicle. Comfort is still at a premium in this beauty. Expect it out in 2017.

Audio R8 Spyder

Looking for the ultimate in sports cars? Well the Spyder has totally outdone itself, with a V10 engine and an improved chasse that all come in the standard model package. There are also a large number of enhancements that have made this better than ever. Consumers should be aware that it is slightly shorter than and not as wide as previous models, but this has only helped to make it even easier to handle in curves. 

Mustang GT-H

Mustang has always been a popular model for sports car enthusiasts, so they will love the newest version of the Mustang. This edition is one that will capture the attention of all as it passes by, and it is already on the market. The standard vehicle comes with a 5.0 liter V8 engine that is sure to provide a lot of power for any one fortunate enough to be sitting behind the wheel. There are also great new features included, such as a carbon fire front splitter, vented hood, and a new rear spoiler.

Toyota 86

This model of vehicle has undergone a facelift from previous versions, and the revues have been extremely positive. This has given it an even sportier look that not only makes it look really sharp but also adds greater handling. Throw in the redesigned bumper and revised fog lamps and this is a car that any person who has the need for speed and aerodynamics will love. This vehicle will be out to the general public within a few months.

Toyota Fortuner 

This great SUV is not only functional but quite sporty looking. While only available for a short time, this vehicle has already become a winner with consumers. This is a 2.8 L turbodiesel motor that has a lot of torque and power behind it. It handles well on the road and in the rugged terrain making it perfect for a night out whether you are talking about camping or a fancy restaurant.


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© Copyright Article by Business Bees Team