The Best Car For Tripping at the Mountains
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Jumping in your vehicle and heading to the mountains is one of the dominant American past times that many partake in. There is something about getting in your vehicle and getting away from it all by heading to a secluded area in the mountains where you can enjoy Mother Nature at her best.

While this is a great adventure for many people, it requires the right kind of vehicle to ensure that adventure is everything you wanted to be. If you are looking to find the best car for making a trip to the mountains here are some suggestions for you.


Clearly, the SUV was built for this kind of driving. They not only are stylish vehicles that people can enjoy in the city, but are also the perfect transportation to get you through the rugged terrain that you may find in the mountain areas. One must consider that it is not only the terrain that is a challenge, but also the weather conditions. Snow and ice can quickly turn a road into a very hazardous challenge, ensuring that the best possible vehicle to handle these conditions must be employed.

So let’s start with some great SUVs and crossover vehicles that would be ideal for you to use for your mountain trip.

The Dodge Journey

Many here the name of this vehicle and don’t really consider it to be the ideal choice, but several of the industry leading magazines proclaim the Journey to be the ideal choice. With an all-wheel-drive system and over 7 inches of clearance between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground, this SUV was made to handle the rugged conditions of the mountains easily and safely. Plus, the 3.6 L engine gives you plenty of power and performance to be able to handle mud or debris.

Mitsubishi Outlander

This vehicle is frequently referred to as the “little people hauler” because it is not a mammoth vehicle like you would find in many SUVs. However, it can handle the most rugged of conditions with the best of them while still providing plenty of room to haul a load inside the vehicle, or plenty of power to pull a load behind you.

Subaru Outback

This is the vehicle that was made for the off-road. With a six-cylinder engine that gives 256 hp, the Outback is ready to get you through the mountains safely while ensuring that obstacles that try to stop you just get rolled over. This is the kind of vehicle you can take just about anywhere.

Honda CR-V

This is not a particularly fast or powerful vehicle, but it’s reliability makes it the very best crossover vehicle on the market. It can handle rough weather conditions and terrain giving the driver the power to get to their location.


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© Copyright Article by Business Bees Team