The Great New Bands for the Apple Watch
    Source: Business Bees Team

The rumors are starting to fly about the newest Apple bands that will come out soon or that have already made their ways to the store or to online sales. These bands are beautiful as well as functional and will be the perfect strap to hold your watch on your wrist firmly, yet comfortably.

Consumers should be aware that there are 38 new design styles that will be coming out with all kinds of different types of designs, bands, and sizes as well as a wide variety of colors. Some customers are already in possession of them and have rave reviews to give. Here are some of what you can expect. 

Sports Bands

Because the sport is the lightest of the three watches, it makes sense that the band would be made to accommodate those who are looking for a lighter wrist band that still is sturdy enough to handle the rigors of an active person. These new wrist bands are made with a flexible and durable nylon that can hold in place, and they come in a wide variety of colors, some that are rather bright. These allow a person to have a very comfortable strap around their wrist that will keep them active and on the go.

There are also the larger sport bands that are a smooth fluoroelastomer, making them very resilient for the active person. They have a simple pin and tuck closure system that is smart and is able to handle the rigors of jostling around. This sport band comes in three florescent colors, blue, green, and pink, as well as black and white.

Link Bracelet

The 316L stainless steel alloy bracelet has more than 100 components to it, making it flexible and comfortable to wear. The links are durable and are designed to move with the arm without pinching or causing burns. This is also a very sleek watch that comes in several shades of gray as well as black.

Woven Metal Band

This is a very cleverly designed watch with integrated metal woven together in a seamless look that looks stylish and classy. The tiny magnet at the end of the band is used to clasp the watch closed, making it able to match the wrist of any person. It is a really impressive look.

Leather Bands

Leather is always a look that is sharp as a wrist watch band. The leather bands available for the new Apple watches will work with any watch design and have fancy and functional clasps to hold them in place. This is truly a great looking watch. 


© Copyright Article by Business Bees Team

© Copyright Article by Business Bees Team