The New Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
    Source: Business Bees Team

Video games have been out now for over 40 years, dating back to the earliest games like pong. Over those four decades many great ideas and innovations have been developed to make gaming a lot more fun, but one thing that hindered this for the longest time was the corded player controller. This limited the distance that a player could be from the console and made the fun a little less so.

The invention of wireless controllers changed all that, allowing users to freely move around while they played. This also gave players the ability to use the controller in a way that truly simulated the game they were playing, like swinging a bat or driving a car. 

Truly, game controllers have come a long way, but the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller may have just taken them to a whole new level. They surely are the very best in providing users with a controller that is easy to use and flexible, allowing you to have a wide variety of buttons that are easily accessible during games. 

The controller is one of the most comfortable to have in your hand. It is sized properly for most people, and the intelligent way that buttons and joysticks are positioned makes it truly easy to push or reach anything you need. This is by far the best controller that Microsoft has ever produced, and is within the top two or three among all controllers.

The Elite wireless controller has a fairly substantial range, which is perfect for those who have 60 inch televisions. They want to experience the games from 20 feet away or more, and the range of the controller makes this work. 

The buttons and other activation tools on the controller are ergonomically designed to work with your fingers, the palm of your hand and your thumb. You will find that it is very smooth, and feels comfortable.

The one negative about its “feel” is the fact that it is a lot heavier than many gamers have been used to. This will take a little getting used to for most, but it is well worth it.

What really has sold critics on this device is that many of the buttons and triggers are customizable, making it even easier for you to use. Those who like the main button to be on the side so it is easy to touch with their index finger can do so. Just as those who like it near the joystick piece can have it there. 

This is truly the Cadillac of the wireless controllers. 

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